• Testimonials

  • A few years back both my children were in need of legal assistance. One was for a motor vehicle incident and the other for criminal mischief. It was my son that concerned me the most. He was a follower and listened to his peers rather than what was right. One night he and his friends decided it would be cool to smash some mailboxes. Well, they got caught and were arrested.
    I contacted a lawyer at Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC to represent him. The attorney was very direct with my son in that he made him realize how serious this really was. He didn’t sugar coat anything with him, make it OK or minor for what he did. Not only did John do an exceptional job in representing him, he made my son realize it was time to grow up and stop being a follower. My son got off with community service and was really lucky. He never got in any trouble after that." ~ D.M.

  • I would definitely recommend the attorneys from Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC for car accident cases. A few years ago, I was involved in a car accident and they helped me deal with the insurance companies and made sure I got the medical treatment I needed. In the end they settled my case very quickly. They are very very very good lawyers." ~Bianca L. Gateway Community College

  • It is my pleasure to recommend the lawyers at Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC as an attorney for any young adult.
    I was in college, in my twenties, when I found myself in a situation that warranted hiring a lawyer. I was lucky that someone referred me to a lawyer at Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC. He handled my case well and he treated me with respect and dignity. I appreciated that fact and his accessibility at that low point in my life." ~ Kevin S. Hamden

  • My many thanks to you for an excellent presentation to my class……I know my students all gained valuable information that can be put to use now and in the future. Hopefully, I will have the pleasure of having you as a guest speaker once again in the near future." ~ Rose E. Cretella – Southern Connecticut State University.

  • My teenaged daughter got into some trouble with her friends. A few days later, the police called my house asking me if I could bring my daughter down to the station for some questions. I called a lawyer at Cirello & Vessicchio, LLCright away. He counseled my daughter and me on the law and the seriousness of the charges. He accompanied us to the police station and helped to diffuse the situation. It was comforting to know we had an experienced attorney on our side to help us through this difficult time." ~ Tony R. – Madison, CT

  • When I was arrested for possession of marijuana, my mother called a lawyer at Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC right away. He was knowledgeable about the law and the various diversionary programs that fit my case. He treated me with respect through the whole process and he did an awesome job. I would strongly recommend hiring him." ~ Daniel M. – Hamden, CT