• University Administrators

  • Nothing is more damaging to a college or university’s reputation than having its students involved in a highly publicized criminal proceeding. Parents want to send their children to live in a safe school (using the literal meaning of the word). Headlines about drunken driving fatalities and large drug busts on campus can shatter that perception of safety.

    Fortunately, Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC can help. The lawyers at Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC can provide seminars to students about various topics to educate them on the consequences of their actions and minimize their exposure to more serious charges. These seminars give students the education to avoid bad situations and tools they need to work their way through them.

    Seminars include:

    • The criminal consequences of driving under the influence.
    • The criminal consequences of underage drinking and “fake I.D.s”
    • The criminal consequences of illegal drug use.
    • Your rights and responsibilities when you are being arrested.
    • The criminal consequences of criminal mischief and vandalism.
    • What to do if you are involved in an auto accident.
  • These seminars can be presented to student groups, residents, sports teams, fraternities and sororities or can be used as discipline for students who have violated your schools code of conduct. At each seminar a practicing criminal attorney will be making the presentation and give real life examples to illustrate their points. And the best part about these seminars is that they are free.*

    Call us today at 1-800-318-8310 to speak with us about booking an engagement at your University. You may also email us any inquiries you have at info@cvattorneys.com.

  • * Pursuant to the Lawyer’s Rules of Professional Conduct § 6.1 “A lawyer should render public interest legal service.”

  • 96% of Students Rate Program “Excellent!”

  • Recently 96% of student athletes at a New Haven area college rated the presentation as “Excellent” on a scale ranging from: Below Average to Average to Very Good to Excellent. 88% of the students felt that “Almost all” of the information they were presented would be beneficial in their future.

  • Here is what students are saying about this program:

  • “He did a fabulous job!”

    “The speaker was very interesting and kept us interested the entire time.”

    “He was funny, short and sweet.”

    “It was good information and very helpful.”

    “He made it really interesting!”

    “Very straightforward and informative.”

    “I can use this information all my lifetime, not just in college.”